White Papers

"White Papers" at Suppers are a little different from elsewhere since the culture of Suppers requires us to not take a position, to not project the impression that what we say is in any way authoritative. Our only institutional bias regarding food is the quality of the sourcing of whole food. Rather, Suppers asks program users to become their own experts by running food experiments and making observations that lead to more effective diet and lifestyle choices.

Our so-called white papers are springboards to discussion at meetings, and the most commonly used is called How You Feel is Data®. The basic message is that you can learn to understand the language of your body and convert it into words. Learn to interpret the loud but inarticulate signals your body is constantly sending you and you can rewrite your mood and health challenges.

All of our white papers are listed here, but more are coming:

10 Points of Supported Behavior Change

10 Toxic Household Items You Should Stop Using Now

Answers about Hand Sanitizers

Are You on the Blood Sugar and Mood Chemistry Rollercoaster?

Basic Suppers Experiment To Determine if a Particular Food is Good for You

Breakfast Challenge

Distinguishing Treats and Triggers

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

Dor and Chef Allie's Notes on Flavor

DXA Test: What You Must Know

Educational Handouts on Herbs

Fight or Flight vs. Rest and Digest    

Health Relatives

Home Cleaning and Personal Care Products Guide

How You Feel is Data®   (Video version)

How We Understand Alcoholism

Hydration Information

Learning Brains: A Suppers Programs Workshop

Matching Problems and Solutions

Nutritional Harm Reduction

Nutritional Harm Reduction: Tips From Suppers Families Who Have Succeeded at Household Changes 

Nutritional Strategies for Diabetes Prevention

Paleo In Its Many Forms... With Book List

Rationale for Avoiding Gluten, Sugar and Most Dairy at Suppers

Real Food Spectrum

Reducing Inflammation Naturally

Reverse Alzheimer's With The Bredesen Protocol  (not original Suppers material)


Summary of Dietary Guidelines for Stability

Take a Coffee Break

Take the Suppers Breakfast Challenge

The Thyroid

Three Reasons to Thank Your Fat

Tips to Begin a Mindful Eating Practice

Whole30 Introductory Workshop Videos

Your Brain Is Smarter Than You Are