Audio and Video

Whether it's podcasts, webinars, TV episodes or coverage from our public events, we hope you'll find that these audio-visual experiences reveal the benefits and comforts of participating in Suppers.

General Videos

Introduction to SuppersIf you're unfamiliar with our program, check out this video!

Members' Testimonials: Find out why and how so many Suppers members are reaching their goals and experiencing more vibrant health!

What's a Suppers Meeting Like? Watch this footage from an actual lunch meeting at Dor Mullen's house, and get a glimpse into how The Suppers Programs provides the social support needed to heal from poor diet and lifestyle habits. 

Videos Covering Specific Programs or Events (in chronological order)

Suppers Featured on Pathways with Jenny Hartshorne (October 2017) 

In this episode, Founder Dor Mullen discusses how her program has helped people solve their chronic illnesses through diet. She describes the structure and history of Suppers, and we hear from a special member who has had lots of success. Watch Jenny and Dorothy cook together.

Introductory Video from the Spring Vegan Cleanse (April 2017)

Macrobiotic Suppers facilitator Pat Palmer and Dor Mullen organized a 7-day vegan cleanse. This video (separated into Part 1 and Part 2) is the introductory description of the cleanse given at the Whole Earth Center in Princeton. Instead of fasting, this cleanse was about eating only raw vegetables and fruits for up to a week. Participants get delicious nutriments throughout the day, including juices, smoothies and salads. A supporting web site and moderated Facebook group were used in the first sponsored cleanse, and are still available to those who would like to try this type of cleanse in the future. 

Dr. Adi Benito, Suppers Board Member, Featured on Princeton Community Television (April 2017)

Endocrinologist Dr. Adi Benito records her "Taste of Suppers" presentation (from December 2016) at Princeton Community Television. Her presentation, "Diabetes: Improving the Odds of Success," can be found here. 

Masala Suppers Launches (February 2017)

This new Suppers group is made up mostly of American and European women who love Indian food and Indian women who enjoy sharing what they know. At each meeting someone will demonstrate a preparation -- either Indian or American fare. Suppers uses exclusively unprocessed food in our meals. There is no wheat or sugar, only fresh, mostly organic vegetables and some locally sourced protein for those who want eggs or meat. Watch this video overview to learn more. 

"Cook for the Health of it" from Princeton Community TV, Episode 4: Surviving Ovarian Cancer (July 2016)

Veronique Cardon, Suppers Board member and former facilitator, as well as creator of The CogniDiet (R) Weight Loss Programs, discusses her illness as well as the food-related health problems that began when she moved to the US after being raised in France and Belgium. 

Dor Featured on Princeton Community TV's "Dr. Joy Show" (May 2016)

In this video interview, Suppers Founder Dor Mullen discusses with Dr. Joy the whole food bias on which The Suppers Programs is based, and goes through her "beginner's grocery workshop." 

Dr. Kate Thomsen's Endorsement of Suppers (April 2016)

See this five-minute video testimonial by Dr. Thomsen, who talks about Suppers Founder, Dor Mullen, and discusses the benefits her patients have received in the form of support and healing from Suppers, which she describes as "revolutionary."

Real Woman Magazine's Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot (January 2016)

Capital Health's publication, Real Woman, put together this two-minute slideshow, depicting what a Suppers meeting looks like. The clip was released along with an article in Real Woman magazine. 

"Cook for the Health of it" from Princeton Community TV, Episode 3: The Effect of a Vegetarian Diet on Insulin Dependent Diabetes (January 2016)

Dor speaks with Suppers member and facilitator, Audelle Bodie, about the effect of a vegetarian diet on insulin-dependent diabetes. 

Presentations on "Food Immunity" from Taste of Suppers (December 2015)

If you missed the standing-room-only Taste of Suppers event at the Princeton Public Library in December, you can now watch this video. The speakers are all cancer survivors: Kathleen Thomsen, MD of Pennington presented on the basics of functional medicine, which identifies the macro- and micro-nutrients needed to support cellular integrity, the importance of reducing toxic load and managing stress. Fiona Capstick, RD, and Veronique Cardon, MS, presented their personal journeys with cancer; both host Suppers meetings in Princeton.

Webinar from The Institute for Responsible Nutrition (December 2015)

In this "Keeping it Real" episode produced by the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), Dor Mullen speaks with Luci Gabel and Leslie Lee to demonstrate that it's not just about the food -- it’s about the relationships that you make when you build community around a shared intention to be well.

Podcasts with Dr. Ronald Hoffman: Intelligent Medicine™ (August 2015)

In his nationally syndicated talk show, Dr. Hoffman interviews Dor Mullen in "Escape Addictive Eating, Part 1," in which Dor discusses how commercial foods subvert our normal appetite cues and how there’s no “one-size-fits-all” eating prescription. Dor went on to record a second interview with Dr. Hoffman, "Escape Addictive Eating, Part 2."

"How You Feel Is Data" TV Series from Princeton Community TV (June-July 2015)

In each of these short videos, Dor Mullen is interviewed by Carol Ann Meier, Suppers Facilitator and Board Member. The first interview is a general discussion of "how you feel is data," while the second interview focuses on children and ADHD; the third episode discusses recovery from alcoholism, again within the context of learning cues from your body. 

"What Women Must Know" Podcast with Dr. Sherrill Sellman (June 2015)

This series of podcasts aim to empower women "with truthful information so they can make informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle choices." In this podcast, Dor Mullen discusses The Suppers Programs and the concepts of healing through the sharing of food. 

"Cook for the Health of it" from Princeton Community TV, Episode 2: Osteopenia, Bone Health and Grass Fed Beef  (February 2015)

Dor interviews Irma Jennings, a Suppers facilitator and bone health coach. Together they discuss osteopenia and the virtues of grass fed beef and kale for bone health. 

"Cook for the Health of it" from Princeton Community TV, Episode 1: Rheumatoid Arthritis Turnaround - Split Pea and Kale Soup (January 2015)

Pam Woronoff, who turned around her rheumatoid arthritis on Joel Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" diet plan, discusses her transformation with Dor while making split pea and kale soup.