Taylor’s Story: My Primary Relationship

It is not lost on me that the first boundary for relationships at Suppers is about my relationship with myself. “The only requirement for membership is the desire to lead a healthier life” is a boundary that challenges me to examine my motivation. In the past, my health was not something I thought much about. I never considered the health benefits or deficits associated with anything I put in my mouth. I didn’t question the health implications of different modes of transportation, and if I played a sport it was for fun and diversion, not because of some abstract thing called “health.”

But “health” isn’t so abstract any more. My belly is tangible, my joints speak to me, and my doctor is in my face with questions. Do I want to be healthier? Yes. Why? Because being unhealthy is inconvenient and uncomfortable. Do I want to lead a healthier life? That’s a different question. That sounds like work, not desire! I associate desire with dessert, love, or a good massage.

The desire to lead a healthier life has been thrust on me by the consequences of many years of unhealthy living. My body’s aches and pains brought me to Suppers; easing my physical symptoms will have to suffice as motivation until relief becomes desire for more right living.

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