N.J. Nonprofit: Not Feeling Your Best? Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

New Programs at Eating for Your Health Teaches Easy, Nutritious Ways to Shop and Cook Without Judgment

PRINCETON, N.J. – February 2, 2022 – Eating for Your Health by Suppers, formerly known as The Suppers Programs, has added several new programs and courses that provide a safe, friendly setting—free of judgment—to anyone who wants to develop and better manage their transition to a healthier life by eating healthy food.

The Princeton, New Jersey-based nonprofit educates participants in person or virtually about how to source and cook delicious, wholefood meals—without processed ingredients—tailored to their dietary needs, taste, budget, background and culture. In addition, the organization works with faith- and civic-based organizations, schools, higher-education institutions, businesses and other nonprofits to deliver robust, judgment-free curriculums rooted in science and research.

“We know that every person is unique and that no single approach to food is right for everyone,” said Marion Reinson, executive director for Eating for Your Health by Suppers. “We don’t tell you what to eat. Instead, we provide you with information on how food can empower your mind and body. Then, we leave it up to you to decide how much information you can digest, and which foods are practical for you—in essence, what you can fit on your plate at this time of your life.”

Below are the newest virtual program offerings from Eating for Your Health:

  • The monthly “What’s In Your Grocery Cart?” program offers expert insight on which shopping cart items provide the most nutritional value.
  • A monthly virtual breakfast challenge introduces a new, healthier way of preparing their first meal of the day.
  • The “Suppers at the Table” program explores new cooking recipes for sustained health. The Feb. 16 and Feb. 23 sessions will discuss managing blood glucose levels.
  • In March, a three-part course titled “The Building Blocks of Nutrition—Macronutrients” will provide a thorough understanding of what macronutrients are and which foods and recipes provide more of them.
  • On April 7, a one-hour session called “My Food Story: A Journey of Understanding.” Participants will hear insight from Emma Andersen, a pre-med student at American University, who overcame disordered eating challenges by better understanding how nutrition works. The course is designed for adolescents, young adults and parents.
  • On April 26, a one-hour session called “Understanding Inflammation & Your Diet.” Chandler Ray, a registered dietitian nutritionist, will detail how certain foods can help with various aspects of inflammation.
  • In May, a five-part series titled “Nourish to Flourish: How to Live Successfully with Diabetes.” The interactive program, held every Tuesday, will discuss how certain foods, activities, medications and mindsets can improve your daily diabetes management.

Eating for Your Health offers reoccurring programs and webinars led by industry-leading medical advisors and dietitians, as well as hundreds of cooking recipes online, all of which include affordable ingredients that are easy to find and simple to prepare.

Further, Tammy L. Sands, a professional wellbeing practitioner, was hired as program manager. In this role, Sands will help Eating for Your Health “engage and cultivate more relationships with community and business organizations” and “provide even more programming to those ready or curious about eating healthier,” Reinson said.

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