Stir-Fried Vegetables


vegetables of your choice*
coconut oil (enough to coat pan)
toasted sesame oil
salt (to taste)

Additional Notes

*Suggestions: onion, leeks, ginger, carrots, broccoli, peppers, bok choy, spinach, mushrooms. You can prepare as many vegetables as will fit in your pan! Just adjust salt and flavoring accordingly.


Prepare the vegetables by washing and cutting them into bite-sized pieces.

Heat enough coconut oil in a large frying pan to coat the bottom. Sprinkle in a little salt.

Stir fry longest cooking vegetables first: onion, leeks, ginger, carrots. Add medium cooking vegetables and fry for a couple minutes: broccoli and peppers. Add fast cooking vegetables last: mushrooms, bok choy, spinach.

Add splashes of tamari and toasted sesame oil and a few spoonfuls of water to steam. Cover and steam for a few minutes.  (Recipe #794)