Pan-Seared Salmon

By cutting the salmon in "butterfly" fashion, both sides of the salmon become deliciously crisp, while the skin holds it together.

Source: Jim Weber; inspired by Geoffrey Zakarian on "The Best Thing I Ever Made"


2" wide salmon fillet per person (*See note on sourcing)
1 tablespoon
cajun spice
3 tablespoons
garbanzo bean flour
1 dash
olive oil

Additional Notes

Choose wild-caught Alaskan salmon only. "Atlantic" means farmed.

(Recipe #612)


Mix Cajun spice and flour in a zipper bag (so you can keep leftovers). Cut salmon fillet into 2" (or 3") wide fillets. Cut each fillet (in the same direction) through the flesh, stopping just at the skin. Fold the two sides down along the skin. The result should resemble a butterfly. 

Spoon the spice/flour mixture onto each piece. Spread to the edges. (Not too thick.)

Heat a non-stick skillet to medium. Add a teaspoon of olive oil. Place the salmon into the pan flour-side down. Set timer to 4 minutes. Spread the flour on the top side of the salmon as well. After 4 minutes, flip and cook 4 minutes on the second side. 

If the original fillets are wider than 2", consider covering the pan while the first side is cooking. This will keep the heat in and allow more even cooking. 

Dietary Preferences: