Coconut Milk & Kelp Noodle Soup (Poultry & Vegan Versions)

Kelp noodles are a food made from kelp, an edible brown seaweed. There are two types of kelp noodles: green and clear. Green kelp noodles have the consistency of al dente pasta and taste like seaweed. Clear kelp noodles, the more popular type, have a relatively bland taste, but some brands have a slightly salty and bitter taste that can be reduced somewhat with thorough rinsing. They are crunchy in texture. Sold in some natural-foods stores and Asian grocery stores, kelp noodles are also available for purchase online.


coconut oil (enough to coat pot)
3 pounds
turkey or chicken (cubed -- OMIT for vegan version)
toasted sesame oil
onion (thinly sliced)
red pepper (thinly sliced)
2" piece of ginger (peeled and minced)
summer squash (cubed)
2 bunches
Swiss chard or bok choy (or a mixture, chopped coarsely)
1 quart
chicken or vegetable stock
kelp noodles (rinsed)
limes (juiced)
2 cans
coconut milk


Combine the meat with a drizzle of tamari and toasted sesame oil in a roasting pan and bake for 30 - 35 mins or until just done. Set aside.

In a large pot heat the oil and sauté the onion, red pepper and ginger. Stir in squash and greens. Add the broth, lime juice, and coconut milk. 

Simmer just until vegetables are crisp tender. Add the kelp noodles. Simmer a few minutes until noodles and veggies are soft. Serve in deep bowls and top with turkey/chicken chunks.

The recipe is very easy to adapt to vegan by using vegan broth and using roasted tofu or chickpeas for protein.  (Recipe♦307)

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