Chive Blossom Vinegar

Making your own infused or flavored vinegar is silly easy. It’s silly. Easy.

Source: Chef Allie O'Brien, Garden Workshop Series


large handful herbs, blossoms, garlic scapes, garlic, and/or onion product
white vinegar


Gather a big handful of herbs, blossoms, garlic, garlic scape, and/or onion product. Soak in regular white vinegar for 24 hours on the kitchen counter. 

The next day (or night, whatever) strain into a bottle, keep chilled, and use relatively quickly – 1 or 2 months for optimal flavor and to avoid it going bad.

Impress everyone with your status of homesteader vinegar god/goddess by using your own infused vinegars, very publicly, during dinner parties where you “just need to throw together a quick vinaigrette!”  (Recipe♦278)