Broiled Salmon with Asparagus & Coconut Milk


1 pound
olive oil
black pepper
coconut fat (or olive oil)
onion (sliced thin)
1" or 2" piece of ginger (minced)
1 can
coconut milk (not lite)
limes (one juiced, one for wedges to serve)
1 bunch
small red pepper
1 bunch
scallions (sliced for garnish)
2 cups
edible pod peas
fresh dill (minced to garnish)
small red onion (minced)


Put some oil in a roasting pan to prevent sticking. 
Place the salmon skin side down in the pan. Rub on a little oil and pepper on the exposed side.
Broil until there is a little crust, about 10 minutes, then reduce oven to 350°F. 
Use a knife to check for doneness. I generally serve it while there is still a little translucence deep inside. It may need another 5 minutes to finish. 
Coat the bottom of the soup pot with oil and cook the onion and ginger until it starts to color. 

Add the coconut milk, juice of one lime, asparagus, and red pepper. Simmer 2 minutes and add the peas. Simmer just a couple minutes. Peas should still have a little crispness. 
Place ¼ of the salmon into each soup bowl and ladle the vegetables and coconut milk around each serving. Garnish with minced red onion and dill and lime wedge. (Recipe♦222)


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