Basic Black Beans


1 pound
black beans (washed, soaked overnight in 2 quarts water)
Kombu (optional)
small jar of salsa (with no added sweeteners)
small jar of tomato sauce (with no added sweeteners)
2 tablespoons
chili powder
4 cups
high fiber vegetables, chopped (such as cabbage; optional)
salt (to taste)

Additional Notes

Kombu is a type of kelp or seaweed that can improve the digestibility of beans and legumes. It can be found in some grocery and most "health food" stores.


After soaking beans, discard the soaking water. Put the beans in a large pot with enough fresh water to cover them by an inch (about two quarts). Add Kombu, if using, to increase digestability, and simmer on medium-low heat. 
Add tomato sauce, salsa, chili powder and optional vegetables and simmer 60 – 90 minutes or until beans are soft and most of the water has cooked off. Salt at the end so beans may soften properly. Serve and enjoy.  (Recipe♦168)