Tahini Kale Chips

This recipe requires a dehydrator.


1 bunch
lacinato kale (cleaned and patted dry)
3⁄4 cups
sesame tahini
1⁄4 cup
wheat free tamari
1⁄4 cup
cider vinegar
1 clove
lemon (juiced)
1 cup
almonds (soaked two hours and drained )
water (as needed, start with 1/2 cup)


Cut out the most tough part of the stem and cut leaves in half. Combine the other ingredients in a processor and blend until relatively smooth but still having some chunks of almonds. Add water as necessary to get a thick but pourable consistency. Place the kale in a large bowl and pour the mixture over it. Mix until it is well distributed. Place kale on dehydrator screens and dehydrate 4 to 5 hours on 110 degrees. At the halfway point, rotate the screen so it dries uniformly. This recipe fills a 5-sheet dehydrator.  (Recipe #816)