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When the media writes about Eating For Your Health, we assume it's because people are ready for some good news, and Eating For Your Health feels good all the time. It’s that powerful combination of fabulous food and a supportive experience. Check out our blog for a deeper dive into so many different topics!

Dr. Benito on the "Best Snacks" New York Post, January 12, 2023, Adrian Diaz
This new viral trend has Internet debating the best snacks.

Here's how documenting your eating habits can promote healthy eating.
World Economic Forum, October 31, 2022

Promoting Patient Behavioral Change Through Food Choice and Self-Monitoring
Rutgers Today, Gregory Bruno, October 21, 2022

Princeton Podcast, with Mayor Mark Freda - August 2022
In Episode 22 of the Princeton Podcast, Mayor Mark Freda was joined by Marion Reinson, the Executive Director of Eating For Your Health, a nonprofit organization here in Princeton that takes nutrition out of the clinic and into the kitchen by educating participants about how to source and prepare delicious, whole food meals—without processed ingredients.

Dr. Benito on the health benefits of Matcha
Matcha can pack as much caffeine as your morning espresso, plus plenty of other health benefits
Dr. Benito sobre los beneficios para la salud del Matcha
El matcha puede contener tanta cafeína como el espresso que bebes por la mañana
Business Insider and MSN, Courtney Telloian, Jul 27, 2022

Sugar Solved Podcast with host Rebecca Pytell, July 18, 2022

You Are What You Eat: Helping Others Be The Best Version of Themselves
PASSION PURPOSE AND POSSIBILITIES Podcast hosted by Candice Snyder, July 11, 2022

Princeton resident to host webinar: How to use nutrition to beat eating disorders, April 6 ,2022

5 Recipes to Try After a Bariatric Surgery
“The pea shoot soup is ideal. Depending on what type of surgery, pea shoot soup would be recommended after week three for the gastric sleeve but after week six for gastric bypass (also called Roux-en-Y) because, up to week five for gastric bypass, the recommendation is to avoid ‘fibrous vegetables,’” Dr. Benito says. “Salmon cakes are best after week five or six following the procedure, depending on the surgery,” Dr. Benito says.
Women’s Fitness Magazine, Namita Nayyar, online March 26, 2022

Is Intermittent Fasting Right for You? What You Should Know

Not Feeling Your Best? Change Your Diet, Change Your Life
Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Suppers Programs contributes to COVID-19 relief and recovery, September 2020

Princeton Suppers Program Faces a Sobering Future
Town Topics, July 2019

Why Suppers?
U.S. 1, July 2019

Dorothy Mullen Wants You to Eat Your Vegetables
U.S. 1, July 2019

Another Tragic and Unrecognized Aspect of Hypoglycemia – Its Connection to Alcoholism
Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, 2018

Learn About Healthy Food for the Brain at NOFA-NJ Forum
U.S. 1, September 2018

At Suppers Programs, Health Is on the Menu
Princeton Echo, February 2018 

Supper For All: Rerouting the Road to Healthier Eating
Edible Jersey, Holiday 2016

Dor Mullen Is Teaching People To Eat Better To Improve Their Health
Real Woman, January 2016

Healthy “Cafe” Food and Cooking Instruction Offered at Mission of Terra Learning Kitchen
Town Topics, March 2015

Suppers Program Shares Healthy Recipes As the Holiday Eating Season Begins
Town Topics, November 2014

Lunchtime Lesson: Healthy Menus, Healthy Minds
U.S. 1, August 2014

The Suppers Programs Promotes Healthy Eating
Princeton Echo, October 2013

Back to School: Healthy Bagged Lunches, Snacks Made Easy
Princeton Packet, August 2013

Suppers Program Teaches Members Healthy Eating
Princeton Packet, February 2013

Dorothy Mullen's Suppers Program
Princeton Eats, September 2012

Health from Community
Princeton Eats, July 2012

From This Garden, Plentiful Food for Thought
U.S. 1, May 2012

Mullen's Philosophy of Food
U.S. 1, May 2012

The Preemptive Chili
Princeton Eats, January 2012

The Suppers Program: It's What's for Dinner
Princeton Scoop, March 2011

What Does Your ADHD/ADD Kid Eat?
U.S. 1, November 2008