Easy Staple Bone Broth

Make your own bone broth at little to no extra cost! Works great with local Griggstown chickens at the Whole Earth Center. Use for soups, stews, sautéing veggies or sipping by itself. A great gut-healing and anti-inflammatory recipe!


chicken carcass
2 tablespoons
apple cider vinegar
onion (quartered)
garlic cloves (smashed)
carrot (can just save tops and scraps if you have enough)
celery stalks (save leaves and bottoms to toss in)

Additional Notes

It's a good idea to start this process in the evening so it can go overnight.  (Recipe #680)


Roast bones 30 minutes at 400-450 degrees. Place bones in large stock pot, add apple cider vinegar and cold water to cover the bones, allow to rest for 30 minutes. Add more water (I’ve done up to 8 or 9 quarts, but you can experiment with how flavorful you want it to be. Sometimes it’s easier to store a more concentrated broth, and then add water when cooking with it). Bring to a simmer on high heat, skimming broth the first hour. Cover and simmer on low for 12 hours. Add carrot, onion, garlic, and celery and simmer another 12 hours.

Strain broth and keep in glass jars. You can even freeze (just don’t fill jars up past the shoulder, and don’t screw the lid on all the way until they’re frozen solid).