Dor's Kale Crackers

This recipe calls for a food dehydrator, or you can use your oven at a low temperature.


2 bunches
lacinato kale (shredded in food processor)
small onion (shredded in food processor)
1 cup
ground flax seeds
1 cup
almond meal
1⁄4 cup
1 teaspoon
herbs or spices of choice
1 dash
hot pepper powder (optional)
1 cup
olive oil


Place the shredded kale and onion in a large bowl and mix in the flax meal and almond meal. Massage in the tamari, herbs/spices and oil, adding more oil if necessary to make the mixture paste-like.

Spread out the mixture on the dehydrator teflex sheet. It will make 1-2 trays. Roll out the mixture until it is thin but without holes. Take a sharp knife and score it into the size crackers you want.

Dehydrate at about 115° overnight. Use an extra mesh sheet to flip and dehydrate another few hours to finish.

If using an oven, you can cook these at a slightly higher temperature (up to 200°) to make the crackers crispy.  (Recipe♦369)